As we go through life our body changes and micro stresses accumulate, affecting our spine, hips, shoulders and knees which can affect how well we move, feel and live. Chiropractic care is a natural way to give your body the best chance to adapt to these inevitable stresses and strains. By looking after the movement, alignment and tension we work to restore the body’s natural balance.

Our approach is focused on the movement and alignment of the spine, cranium and pelvis, and how restrictions in the joints and fascia of the body can affect your body’s ability to regulate, compensate and feel. Chiropractors pay special attention to the body in relation to the nervous system as the brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves is the network of communication between the body and the brain coordinating our movements, our internal and external responses to stress.

Chiropractic care is a natural way to support your bodies overall well-being.

Chiropractic care is a natural way to support your bodies overall well-being. Although we completely acknowledge symptoms, we are not driven solely by them. Our care is a fantastic method to counteract the build-up of stress and tension caused by static lifestyles which puts stress on our nerves, muscles and joints. This build of stress can show up as back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines or even sciatica.

In our opinion what we do cannot be compared to a ‘treatment’ because we are supporting the brain and body as a whole so you can move better and freer, as opposed to treating one specific symptom. Because our care has an effect on the brain and nervous systems often our clients report improvements in their body and wellbeing they were not even expecting!

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Chiropractors use their hands and specific tests to decide where we need to make an adjustment. An adjustment is an energetic input into the spine or area of the body.

An adjustment influences the neurological feedback to that area, which can be felt as increased movement, coordination and balance, and experienced as feeling more at ease, lighter, stronger and in less pain. With each adjustment your body has a chance to have a regular reset, which overtime, supports your bodies wellbeing and vitality.


Typically, these areas which we find are either not moving properly, are supported by muscles which are misfiring, are inflamed, affecting your strength and or are painful. We refer to these identified segment or areas as a ‘Subluxation.’

In your initial assessment and each visit thereafter your Chiropractor will check your full spine, cranium and pelvis for Subluxations and adjust them if appropriate and necessary. Our experience and approach ensure that we deliver the right adjustment for you on that day to give your body the best chance to feel better and adapt to the stresses it is under.

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