Rosie Millward

Doctor of Chiropractic

Rose is a passionate and experienced Chiropractor, having worked in three different clinics across the country since 2015 she has helped hundreds of people journey to a happier and easier life through bespoke Chiropractic care.

She found Chiropractic at age 15 when looking for a solution to avoid spinal surgery and manage her structural scoliosis. Chiropractic care has allowed her to carry a baby completely pain-free from back or pelvis pain despite her scoliosis and is passionate about supporting other ladies through the process of starting motherhood.

Out of the clinic Rose is a mother and enjoys cooking and walking with her dogs. She also runs emotional wellbeing retreats, coaches and is a speaker within the Chiropractic profession, her insight into the power of being authentic and congruent in your life is a message she is proud to share. Expect a warm-hearted, focused and experienced Chiropractor when seeing her.