Neck Pain Treatment In Bath

Neck pain is one of the most annoying and disabling “mild” pains people see us for. The common report is the feeling of stiffness, particularly in the morning which poor pillows and mattresses tend to get the blame for. A little side note is that absolutely you can strain a muscle sleeping awkwardly, but a true muscle strain will be relieved on its own after 2-3 days.


Another common feeling experienced is feeling like the neck hurts just holding the head up. Or even feeling the need to be ‘stretched.’ But whether its sharp pain in the neck doing a certain movement, a general discomfort or just an ache which moves and changes, neck pain is without doubt an unpleasant and unwanted experience.

How does Chiropractic help?

From a Chiropractic perspective, the first point we need to explore the quality and amount of movement the neck can do. With this information, we can guide our expert neck pain treatment in Bath to ease your symptoms. We have seen people reportedly with a ‘new’ neck pain, which if it has not resolved in 2-3 days there is something more than you likely are experiencing something more than a simple neck strain.

What we find with most people, is that on closer inspection movement of the neck is compromised in a certain direction. Or even that the resting head posture is very much off centre. All patterns which most of us develop unknowingly over many years.

Another big giveaway that the cervical spine (the neck) isn’t functioning properly and is interfering with the quality of the nerve signals, is actually referred pain down the arms or even feeling pins and needles, or even reduced arm, wrist and shoulder strength. All of this gives us more information so we can give a more realistic time frame to help someone feel better and get their neck functioning properly again.

Improving neck function is so important to avoid pain continuing to return, along with some basic home and behaviour advice. Sometimes some simple direction and motivation to make some slight changes can make a huge difference in the short and long term.

What people often report is that neck pain kicks in when they are stressed. Muscles can become quite fibrotic and hypersensitive, to the point where even massages can feel intolerable. This increased level of tone is associated with an over stressed system- another big factor to neck pain!

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